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Celtic Energy, Inc selected as an Approved Partner in the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJP4P)

Celtic Energy has been selected by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) as an Approved Partner for the state’s Pay for Performance initiative.  NJCEP is a statewide program administered by the New Jersey Board of PublicUtilities (NJBPU), and its Pay for Performance program (NJP4P) is designed to provide incentives to large commercial and industrial customers who comprehensively upgrade their facilities through investments in energy efficiency.


The Pay for Performance Program takes a comprehensive, whole-building approach to energy efficiency, and is comprised of an Existing Buildings component and a New Construction component.  As an Approved Partner in the Existing Buildings component, Celtic Energy will be part of a network that will provide technical services under direct contract to Pay for Performance participants.  Acting as an energy expert for participants, Celtic Energy will develop an Energy Reduction Plan (ERP) for each project with a whole-building technical analysis via a traditional energy audit, a financial plan for funding any recommended energy efficient measures, and a construction schedule for installation.