Town Of Glastonbury, CT

Town Of Glastonbury, CT

Energy Audit Reports & Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPA Scope:  Celtic Energy was hired by the Town of Glastonbury to assist with the development, response review, and developer selection for a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The focus of the PPA was to identify the most cost-effective application of solar photovoltaics that would reduce purchased energy costs and help the Town’s sustainability goals.  Specific tasks included:

  • Assisted the Town of Glastonbury with the development of the PPA Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Analyzed the technical responses from four renewable energy system developers
  • Assisted with the development of an objective scoring procedure and a review of the responses which helped the Town of Glastonbury select their vendor.
  • The Town of Glastonbury will receive electricity at a significantly reduced rate for the next 20 Years.
  • Our knowledge of the Town’s facilities from our previous energy audit work was instrumental in developing this project.
  • Final Project includes approximately 150 kW at two town facilities.

Project: Comprehensive Energy Audits of all Town facilities, including:

  • Town Hall
  • Welles Turner Memorial Library
  • Riverfront Community Center
  • Police Station and Shooting Range
  • Fire Stations and EMS Facilities
  • Vehicle Maintenance, and others

Client: Town Of Glastonbury, CT

Scope: The focus of the Energy Audit was to identify the most cost-effective package of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that would reduce energy costs and improve building systems performance, while yielding an acceptable payback.  Reports were written and presented to the Town of Glastonbury, outlining the results of Celtic Energy’s Energy Audits.

Features: Energy conservation measures to be implemented include:

  • Install High Performance Fluorescent Lamps
  • Replace Incandescent with CFL’s
  • Install Vending Machine Energy Controllers
  • Install High Efficiency Condensing Units
  • Expand BAS Capabilities
  • Install Energy Star Appliances
  • Install Computer Power Management
  • Replace HIDS with LEDS
  • Install Solar Power PV Panels
  • Date May 25, 2015
  • Tags Energy Audit, Power Purchase Agreement

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