Connecticut Light & Power

Connecticut Light & Power

ESPC Best Practices Guide for Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Celtic Energy was contracted by Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) and United Illuminating (UI) to develop a comprehensive ‘best practices’ document for Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) in the Municipal, University, School, and Hospital markets. The goal of the document is to define and explain the technical steps involved in efficiently running a successful ESPC project.

Download ESPC Best Practices Document

The document  is segmented into eight sections and three appendices:

  1. Education & Outreach
  2. Owners Representatives
  3. ESCO Request for Proposals and ESCO Selection
  4. Investment Grade Audit
  5. Financing and Funding
  6. Energy Service Agreement
  7. Design, Construction, and Commissioning
  8. Measurement and Verification of Savings

Appendix 1- Working Group Participants

Appendix 2- Model Owner’s Representative RFQ and Agreement

Appendix 3 – Model ESCO RFP Document

The members of the Working Group led by Chris Halpin of Celtic Energy were: Chris Bleuher of Schneider Electric; Ed Bowman from the Town of Fairfield; James Daylor from Ameresco; Craig Diamond from Clean Energy Finance Center; Eric Fare from Schneider Electric; Jon Gorham from Gorham Associates; Mary Phil Guinan from Guinan Associates; Justin Haaheim from Clean Water Action; Dale Hahs from Energy Services Coalition; Stephen Murhpy from the State of CT-DCS; Ken Nathanson from Con Ed Solutions; Patrick Reavey from UI; John Ruckes from the State of CT-DEEP; John Scricca from Northeast Utilities; Roger Smith from Clean Water Action; Mike Walsh from the Town of East Hartford; Mike Wertheimer from the State of CT – Attorney General’s Office.

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