Hartford Steam Company

Hartford Steam Company

Hartford SteamScope:  Hired by the Hartford Steam Company, Celtic Energy was given the task of designing a Sustainability Action Plan that would facilitate the responsible production of energy and place HSC at the forefront of sustainable innovation.    Although efforts were made prior to this initiative, such as operational improvements and equipment retrofits, HSC thought a cohesive and organized approach could produce a larger impact.

The main plant, located close to the Connecticut River, distributes steam to the Downtown loop (60+ buildings), producing about 155,000 lbs/hr of steam, 1,580 tons of chilled water, and 7.7 MW of electricity.

Results: The HSC Sustainability Action Plan is a multi-phased initiative focused on reducing environmental impact, increasing employee health and safety, and engaging more actively in the Hartford community.  Using the core principles of Energy and the Environment, Healthy, Safety and Social Responsibility, and Transparency and Reporting, HSC is eager to achieve its goal and inspire similar efforts in the Hartford area.

The most drastic measures proposed related to the amount of GHG emissions currently being released by the plant, with recommendations including:

  • Upgrading the steam-driven chillers to less energy-intensive and less expensive electric-driven units
  • Lighting Conservation and Efficiency Upgrades
  • Landscaping to reduce harmful fertilizer runoff
  • Installation of a Green Roof
  • Cogeneration and Renewable Energy Opportunities

Improvements in purchasing, employee travel and reporting methods were also incorporated in the plan.  HSC hopes to increase its community service, and through its efforts inspire individuals and other companies to become more sustainable.