ISO New England and CSG, Inc.

ISO New England and CSG, Inc.

pix_case-isoThe ISO New England operates the transmissions systems and wholesale power markets throughout the six New England States.

Forward Capacity Market – As a result of a settlement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission over Federally Mandated Congestion Charges, the ISO created the FCM in order to add capacity to the power market. Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation (DG) and Demand Response (DR) projects can compete against traditional power generation.  

CEI developed the first Measurement and Verification (M&V) Plan approved by the ISONE for this unique program, the first of its kind in the Nation.

Southwest CT Gap RFP – Facing near-term power grid reliability problems in 2003, ISONE issued an RFP to provide temporary Load Reduction assets, or a Gap RFP. Conservation Services Group, Inc (CSG) was awarded the first contract of its kind in this type of solicitation, based on implementing energy efficiency projects as an alternative to generation assets. In early 2004 Celtic Energy was hired by ISONE and CSG to supply Monitoring & Verification Services for CSG’s winning bid.


  • Assisted ISONE and CSG develop Program QA and M&V Guidelines for implementation contractors to adhere to
  • Conducted pre-inspections of customer sites
  • Conducted final inspections and verification of savings
  • Assembled and submitted M&V Reports to ISONE on a bi-weekly basis

Results: Successful implementation of dozens of projects throughout New England

  • Client ISO New England and CSG, Inc.
  • Date July 10, 2015
  • Tags Measurement and Verification (M&V) Consulting

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