State of Rhode Island Energy Office

State of Rhode Island Energy Office

ESPC Consultant

Projects: Energy Savings Performance Contract

Quality Assurance Program for the State Administration Complex:

  • Cannon Building
  • Powers Building
  • Chapin Laboratory Building

Client: State of Rhode Island Energy Office

State-of-Rhode-Island-Energy-OfficeScope: The State of Rhode Island’s Energy Office, utilizing an aggressive Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) program, is implementing a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Program. The first large ESPC will occur at the State Administration Complex in Providence and consist of three buildings, totaling over 1 million square feet of office space, data center, and laboratories.

Celtic Energy was selected to provide quality assurance of an ESPC contract between the State and Siemens. Duties included project expediting, coordination of various State agencies and facilities, due diligence review of Initial Proposals and Detailed Energy Surveys, including; savings calculations, monitoring and verification plans, O&M, training, and EH&S plans. Also review design plans, equipment submittals, etc. and assist in negotiating these issues, among others in the expected ~$6 million Final Contract Award.  Post-contract duties will include monitoring of Siemens’ M&V, commissioning, and training plan execution.


  • The proposed project will save the State over $750,000 per year, solve many chronic HVAC problems, improve the work environment for staff, and leverage precious State funds, all with no upfront cost to the State.
  • ECMs include Super T8 lighting upgrades, occupancy sensors, chiller/boiler replacements, controls systems, water conservation, VFDs, and premium efficiency motors.
  • Client State of Rhode Island Energy Office
  • Date September 9, 2014
  • Tags Energy Consultant, Energy Savings Performance Contract

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