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Celtic Energy offers energy solutions for a wide range of clients throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Federal Government

CEI has been awarded GSA Contract GS-21F-0076Y from the United States General Services Administration under Solicitation 6FEC-E6-030292-B.  Our award includes the following Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 871 202 – Energy Management Planning and Strategies
  • 871 203 – Training on Energy Management
  • 871 206 – Building Commissioning Services
  • 871 207 – Energy Audit Services
  • 871 211 – Energy Consulting Services

For the past fourteen years, the staff of CEI has provided expert energy efficiency services to the Federal Government. As a Project Facilitator for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Super ESPC program, Celtic Energy managed multi-million dollar Energy Savings Performance Contracting projects for numerous Federal Government clients including: Fort Drum, Fort Benning, DOE Headquarters, McGuire Air Force Base, Edwards Air Force Base, MacDill Air Force Base, NASA, and more.  CEI is currently providing technical oversight, measurement & verification, and commissioning of the Central Utility Plant at the FDA’s White Oak Federal Research Center. We also oversee energy projects at the FBI’s Quantico facilities and are reviewing proposed energy efficiency designs for the new FBI HQ facility. We now serve as an ESPC oversight consultant for military projects through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

State Government

CEI has long been involved with helping State governments and State Agencies develop, expand and oversee energy efficiency projects. Under a State of CT grant we were hired by CT utilities in 2011 to write the Best Practices Guide on Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), a document that can well serve anyone engaged in one of these projects. CEI has been selected as a Third-Party Consultant to oversee energy projects as diverse as the Rhode Island $50 million Pastore Center retrofit and the North Carolina D.O.T.’s statewide street lighting upgrade, and we have helped the States of Arkansas and Nevada obtain Federal D.O.E. funding for energy efficiency improvements at State facilities. In 2015, the State of Delaware’s Sustainable Energy Utility hired CEI to update its ESPC program Guidebook, and associated contract and process documents. We presently have contracts with the State of Nevada and State of Utah, serving as favored suppliers of energy project oversight services there.

CEI also supports State C-PACE program development through technical reviews for loan underwriting. Involved since the beginning with the nation’s most successful C-PACE program in Connecticut, we now are one of the most experienced firms in the country at evaluating proposed C-PACE projects to help project owners obtain financing. Currently we are serving as an Independent Third-Party Reviewer for C-PACE project in several states and expanding that role into developing C-PACE projects, as well as working with private lenders.

Municipal Government

Municipal governments in a variety of locations have benefitted from CEI’s consulting and advisory services, particularly from our service as an Owner’s Representative on major energy projects. We have overseen a number of successful ESPC projects for Connecticut towns, provided energy advisory services to the City of San Diego, and served as the Owner’s Rep to the City of Henderson, NV in 2008 on one of the most comprehensive municipal performance contracts in the country, which included the largest street light retrofit at the time with other 28,000 fixtures. Recently, we were selected to oversee work on Connecticut’s first major Microgrid project for the City of Stamford, and for the City of San Francisco’s groundbreaking Solar Array with Battery storage project. CEI also conducts energy audits, consults on energy sustainability projects, and provides conceptual design for reliable, resilient and redundant energy supply for municipal clients.

Public School Systems

CEI provides valuable energy project management to Public Schools, working with either the Town governments or the school boards directly. We have conducted energy audits, overseen detailed retro-commissioning projects, and served as an Owner’s Rep on major ESPCs conducted in the Public School Sector. In this latter role for the Clark County Nevada School District, the nation’s 5th largest school district, we are helping them optimize energy conservation measures that will produce millions of dollars in energy savings. CEI helped the Town of Tolland, CT implement a $10 million ESPC project that featured converting multiple old, inefficient oil and electric boilers to super-efficient ground source heat pump systems in the high school and middle school.


Both public and private colleges and universities can benefit tremendously by implementing cost-saving ESPC projects and developing Sustainable solutions. CEI has worked with many of these institutions, guiding them through the complex labyrinth of ESPC project work and ensuring project success. In North Carolina alone, we have overseen ESPC projects at 10 different state universities, all of which are financially successful.  CEI helped the University of New Haven in Connecticut secure a $400,000 incentive check from the local utility by doing quality assurance work over the design team of a new dormitory on campus that will save 36% on annual energy costs due to our efforts. CEI also oversees Sustainability programs at the University of New Haven, and completed a major energy project for the Community College of Rhode Island. This is a sector of almost unlimited growth potential.


This sector is starting to realize the tremendous need for increasing energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint, not just to reduce operating costs but to attract corporate business. CEI is working with several large resort/casino hotels to oversee ESPC projects and equipment upgrades associated with general facility improvement programs. There is such a need for these efforts in the hospitality sector that CEI has formed a new joint venture (called Front Desk Energy Advisors) with two partners, just to address the needs of hotel/resort/casino owners and operators.

Medical Facilities

Health care and research facilities stand to gain from not only lowering energy costs, but also developing reliable, resilient power sources to protect themselves and their clients from Force Majeure events. CEI provides energy project oversight and sustainable energy project conceptual design to aid such facilities in reaching those goals. Examples include oversight of an ESPC for the University of Las Vegas Medical Center, and oversight of the nation’s largest ESPC and first Federal microgrid project for the Food and Drug Administration.

Commercial and Industrial Facilities

CEI professionals have audited, commissioned, retro-commissioned and overseen energy efficiency projects for literally hundreds of commercial and industrial facilities. We help these property owners understand the energy market landscape, and aid them in securing all available rebates and incentives. CEI also educates these clients on C-PACE initiatives and provides oversight on major sustainability projects such as solar power development, ZREC programs, and Power Purchase Agreement reviews.


CEI has performed a variety of services for utility companies across the country, including developing a Best Practices guide on ESPCs for Connecticut. San Diego Gas & Electric hired CEI to conduct “emerging technology assessments” for exterior LED lighting in 2007-2008, when the technology was just becoming commercialized. We also developed a report after a through vetting procedure for a distributed thermal energy storage system.

CEI has been hired by Eversource Energy, one of the largest utilities in the Northeast to provide a wide array of energy consulting services including quality assurance on their Small Business Energy Advantage, and large C&I New Construction and Retrofit Programs. United Illuminating has hired CEI to conduct Sustainable Business Challenge studies for several of their largest university customers.

Partial Client List

Aetna Insurance

Bank of America

Blue Cross Blue Shield

City of Greenville, NC

City of Harford, CT

City of Reno, NV

City of Stamford, CT

Clark County NV School District

Community College of Rhode Island

Department of Veterans Affairs

Douglas County School District, NV





Jones Lang LaSalle

Mass Mutual Financial Group

NASA Johnson Space Center Northrup Grumman and the DLA

Pratt & Whitney

San Diego Gas & Electric

State of Connecticut

State of Rhode Island

State of Nevada

Travelers Insurance

University of New Haven

University of North Carolina

US Department of Energy

Westgate Resorts


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